Fall Fashion Trends – Put Your Coat Deflation


Coat Fashion TrendsBefore the autumn and winter can go long pea coats and trenches, but not this year. Reduced and one of the most sought after business for next season jacket, in a variety of styles. The difference between the new, smaller version of the traditional favorite winter long, parts is the same as traditional coats, but they hit just above the waist, and often limit or button under the chest. The charm of this new company is that it provides coverage without winter months feminine or sexy.

Perfect jacket in your closet is one of the most important elements, and there are many shapes and fabrics in the fall of this year, and it would be a crime to choose just one. Ubiquitous denim jacket back again with a vengeance. Women And years before the last season or cleaning the large denim jacket this season, soft, and body awareness, more than the traditional denim jacket. Corduroy and leather back, followed by, ready to bring it all, and distressed jeans from your favorite clothes.

In an old favorite with a new safe start, but it took a cloth and a stunning new method at the end of this year to provide benefits. Brocade big this season, and make some rich and detailed design, the most coveted new jacket. Lots of rich velvet vest style deaf embroidery and lace trimmed or pipes can be combined with your favorite jeans trousers Tweed. Cut, many of the new Hip – jacket, but some higher or slightly lower than cutting the chest (H&M). Initially rich new fabrics such as wool and velvet, and cut this jacket is a substance with a traditional housewife and reshuffled so young and sexy. The latest trends in synthetic fur and metallic finishes and decor (b Allen Schwartz).

Less suitable not only new addition of cold weather. Further reform, how much of this season, retro style. Coat of traditional fabrics such as canines are used in a new way. Bell sleeves (think bellbottom sleeves, and cut elbow) mix of short length with a traditional and heritage style fabric 70S (banana republic). You can also see a miniature version of the military jacket this season, and the harvest, taking over girly, weight and length decorated with brass buttons and zippers (baby).

The beauty of these new jackets is that they force themselves to their flexibility: mixed with jeans, skirts and pants. In the absence of a particular style or fabric that will be decided in the fall of this year, to take a new use of all types and sizes on an old favorite.


Girl’s Life Fashion Adventures with Anna Sui


fashion Anna SuiIt takes a lot of effort and determination to achieve safe forefront of business and fashion, as well as the success of Anna Sui. Time magazine list of fashion design icons for the most important in this contract for five years. He was born in Detroit in 1955, he moved to New York City after high school. He studied at Parsons School of Design and the prestigious continue to work as a fashion photographer Steven Merisel designer Zhang Jing.

Costume design as a young woman, a model, inspired by magazines, Anna Sui finds his own style. He put his design business in the 1980s, and is willing to put their first fashion show in 1991. Model Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista, including. Anna has his own fashion line, first in the following year he opened a boutique in New York City. Sometimes they store in Tokyo and Osaka, and the Hollywood and Los Angeles. Continued popularity, especially in Japan, and fashion design for the film (Japanese animation) and a TV series.

A collection of more than 30 national sales and premium price tag it like that. In the highest mark for a series of dresses and skirts and tops, and so there is talk about it, and Anna Sui says she was inspired by the rock chic look. Identity impressive sealed by support from celebrities, including Madonna, Christina Ricci, Cher, Courtney Love and Patricia Marquette list. Smashing Pumpkins, James IHA is also a mystery.

In 1997 and the beginning of a series of shoes. Shoes, boots, sandals can be used as a casual day dress and evening events. Have used many different materials such as silk, and sheep, suede, patent leather, velvet, and leather and snake lizard. The Anna Sui perfume and aftershave and cosmetics line two years later. Creative perfume bottles in particular, including the head of the butterfly -shaped designs and models.

Each group is available to order online, and I ‘vet ordered in the sale of goods over the Internet. Anna Sui continues their collection of a variety of creative inspiration, each of the dishes, and always good – bringing the service received. There is always a thought in the public sources and continues to be concerned about what the magazine, and the mixing of the past few distinctive appearance.


Fashionable Work Wear


Fashionable Work WearIn recent years, more and more people are more interested in where the picture. I think it’s difficult, not down, as if it like Beckham showed CK shorts or terminate their boy image stump was found. Like what happened to the woman what seems like forever we are the ones starting to get a little more confident.

TV, magazines, and appears to be fully peeled very beautiful girls from the egg. This often makes you feel that these people are my league.

Let me tell you one thing. Most of them do not.

Therefore, I want to go out and buy new clothes. I want to buy these trendy jeans, last week I saw some rappers wear madferrit.

Not Stop. The rapper could escape the cool clown costume shoes. In general, because he drives a Bentley, and has more money often seems to have.

Dress what you do. Most people who read this column, is certainly not the usual city trader or rappers in this regard. We are plumbers, builders, masons and all other dirty work, you do not want to, even if you are wearing Armani suits.

Perhaps one of the most important things in the industry that people have good quality clothing. Good quality work clothes so that you warm up. Keep you dry. Above all, it allows you to safety.

And in many cases appear to have more than one point and clothes, if the person wearing it. Working as an electrician in nine hours from Monday to Friday. It was one week after nearly five hours! Not to mention that it is to make it work, remember that some people do not change clothes, get a part of the working hours. (We will talk about the work actually wear it to talk to work.) When we say that the average person sleeps eight hours of sleep, equivalent to 56 hours a week. So 168 hours per week we average about a third of the time spent working in electrical equipment.

I really cannot understand is that you spend a lot of time, why not make the best of what you can afford to buy things to buy. Due to a combination of spirit “, just their job. Either on line is very old.

In an effort to not only work your body looks better. And you will feel the spirit of success and confidence. Even if only a small amount. At this time, I thought it was worth a provocative

If you start working bandages unconsciously start all the time to dress well. Not many companies out there who make beautiful clothes. Most of its features are the first ever fashion. But I know that some of them to you in any way events. Snickers are not our council but found no loss of durability or function of the Swedish clothing company on an impressive selection of its existence. Other companies and most of you have heard of a cat or kitten. Finally, more happiness. And logging and the rapper.

Beautiful t – shirt to work. When you stop, instead of finding nasty 80 T-shirt or shirt. Beautiful, stylish shirt.

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